YouTube has announced that they will cooperate with the International Olympic Commission (IOC) to broadcast 2200 hours of videos of the London Olympics 2012 on its channels in 64 countries in Asia and Africa.

NBC is gearing up for the London Olympics 2012 by using Microsoft’s Silverlight HD video player plugin for YouTube.

Regarding YouTube’s involvement in the upcoming Games, NBC Sports’ website previously noted:

We are going to make Olympic history. With YouTube as our official video-on-demand partner, will be the exclusive online destination for all in-venue video. We plan to deliver the most extensive Olympics 2012 content to viewers, including—for the first time ever—ALL events streamed live. That’s right, you’ll be able to watch up to 3,000 hours of live streaming covering all 302 Gold Medals and every event inbetween. We’ll also include replays of Web-exclusive events, all television broadcasts, interviews with the athletes and exclusive daily segments about London Olympics 2012. Live streams will be available across our mobile platforms, providing an extraordinary 360-degree coverage of The Olympics 2012 Games.

Any computers, smartphones and tablets have the application / ability to access YouTube can access the International Olympic Commission (IOC) channels and enjoy the live broadcast of London Olympics 2012 program in the 64 countries that YouTube announced in this phase was the partner of the International Olympic Commission (IOC) where they unable to acquire digital content rights.

London Olympics 2012 will take place from 27/7 to 12/8. Previously, the BBC has also announced that it will broadcast live Olympic 2012 , which has several programs in 3D format. There are 11 channels in HD resolution has 10 channels broadcasting from 9 am to 11 London at night by the hour. In some days, the broadcast time may soon or later.

Also YouTube provides a continuous 24-hour channel with news reports on the results of general competition, and the event has taken place and interviews with the athletes in Olympics 2012.