Video sharing service YouTube has increased the number of supported languages to 10 automatic subtitles, by adding 6 new European languages.

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On Wednesday, November 28 video sharing service YouTube has announced a to expand the permissible language for automatic subtitle placed rollers via developer blog. Initially this functionality was only available in English. Later supported languages added Japanese, Korean and Spanish. Now YouTube added 6 European countries languages, including Russian, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Dutch.

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People who have difficulty in hearing unknown languages, can not only watch, but also to understand what the participants say. First automatic placing subtitles appeared in 2009 and was only available in English. Gradually expanded the range of supported languages, and has now been available for a total of 10 languages. This innovation means that the platform wants to make your video content more accessible to the audience of various countries around the World, thus increasing its quantity. Moreover YouTube launched a special tools that allow you to create your own subtitles and translate them into different languages. Not long ago, the service has integrated Google translation tools in YouTube Video Manager with support for over 300 languages .

YouTube audience is not limited to U.S. Citizens. The vast majority of users of video sharing platform – the inhabitants of the various countries of the world. The increase in the number of supported languages to play YouTube subtitles only benefit by increasing its popularity among Internet users.

According to the statistics service, it has more than 200 million videos from various automatic and manually created subtitles.