Yandex the search engine giant in Russia recently launches new cloud storage service called Yandex.Disk like Dropbox or Google Drive. Yandex.Disk works exactly in the same way as their other competitors such as Dropbox, Google Drive in the form of a desktop client and web upload interface.


Yandex.Disk you allow you to upload files with drag and drop into Yandex local folder.  It also has mobile applications to use with Android and IOS platform other than the desktop client for Windows and Mac OS X. Yandex.Disk also allows you to work through WebDAV. That means not only you can manage your files through Yandex.Disk but also with other software that use the WebDAV protocol. WebDAV allows you to work with files on the connected server and perform common actions with them such as : read, write and delete files. WebDAV protocol is available with almost all operating systems such as Mac OS X, Windows, Linux, Android, Symbian, iPhone and iPad.

Initially user gets free 3 GB of space, but after installing the desktop application and uploading first file from computer to cloud user get extra 7 GB more, you may also require to share the service via Facebook and twitter to get extra 7 GB space..

If you have an email account with Yandex, they you can upload images, synchronize attachments and share files (links) in a group.

Currently SignUp form is not available and you can only enter by invitation, but the service is expected to launch to the public in the next two weeks. In case you are very interested to try the service, input your your email address in invitation box and the company may send you the invitation for service or will let you know when it is officially available.

All in all Yandex Disk seems to be better than other most popular services, but even though 10 GB storage space is not enough for someone.

Yandex.Disk :