A World without Internet — doesn’t it sound fishy? Yes, of course and we know it. We’re now living in a world where internet has become a necessity for all and everyone among us makes use of internet, either directly or indirectly. Its reason is simple enough to understand that almost everything in today’s world is connected to internet. However, it is likely that you will be confused between wired internet and wireless internet. In this post, however, we’ve planned to remove that confusion by comparing wireless internet and wired internet solutions in a clearer way. To do so, we will check out both advantages and disadvantages of both wired and wireless internet solutions. First, we will have a look on wired internet connection, which is the one majority, still, prefer.

Wired Internet

As you know, wired internet requires you to connect your laptop or desktop to a broadband cable or other ways that are used to connect to internet. Wired internet solutions are commonly used in homes, small offices as well as other purposes that are relatively small. Wired networks use Ethernet cables as well as network adapters to work. You can find a number of advantages and disadvantages to wired networks, and first we will check out its advantages.

Advantages of Wired Internet Solutions

  • As we said earlier, major method of connection that is used by wired internet solution is Ethernet cables. In that sense, because of the fact that majority of computing devices come packed with Ethernet connectivity, wired internet solutions are much cheaper than the other is. It does not matter whether you have a laptop or desktop, it will have an Ethernet port and you can use the wired internet connection undoubtedly.
  • Amazing speed is a noticeable advantage of wired internet solution. Although things may change in future, if you are looking for higher transfer speed, you should go with wired internet solution, especially those that come with Fiber optics connectivity.
  • Less downtime and advanced reliability are other noticeable factors to consider in wired internet solution, when compared to wireless methods. Plus it ensures higher level of security.

Disadvantages of Wired Internet Solutions

  • Lack of Flexibility: you know that wires can make things worse, especially for those who move frequently. In addition, you cannot get those wires in to nook and corners of your home or office
  • You may have to confront installation charges.

Wireless Internet

Wireless internet is where you can say goodbye to those messing wires out there. Wireless internet solutions require your computing device to have Wi-Fi connectivity. If there is no such feature available, you will have to install a third-party adapter to move on. When compared to old days, you can find more wireless internet solutions in market. For instance, you can check out wireless mobile broadband from Virgin Media. Now, however, we will go through both advantages and disadvantages of wireless internet solutions.

Advantages of Wireless Internet Solutions

  • As we said earlier, you can say goodbye to wires from the next moment you set up wireless internet at your home, office or anywhere else. So, if you give priority to portability, just go with wireless internet.
  • When compared to wired form of internet connection, you can connect more number of devices into a Wi-Fi router or mobile broadband solution and it is a great thing when you are concerned about accessibility.

Disadvantages of Wireless Solutions

  • As we mentioned earlier, currently, average speed of wireless internet solutions is something low when we do compare them with wired ones. Also, you will have to face issues in terms of security and reliability as it’s all through wires.

Altogether, if you give priority to easier access, portability etc, you can go with wireless internet. On the other hand, if you need advanced security, reliability and speed, it is advisable to go with wired internet solution.