Tremendous growth acquired by the technology world has made its effect in majority of daily life sections, even minor ones. Reading is also such a section indeed! Rather ‘Reading’ has been converted to ‘eReading’ whereas ‘Books’ got converted into ‘eBooks’ when internet started to influence the reading experience. Nowadays, we can see some eStores like Waterstone which  provide eBooks & eReaders in a reasonable price. This phenomenon simply means that reading got split into physical reading and eReading due to the mentioned influence.

Kindle Fire

Global consumer electronics manufacturers had analysed this influence long time ago and that is why they started developing and distributing so-called eBook Readers, commonly known as eReaders. As you know, eReader is anything, which allows you to read digitally set up books and journals accompanied by great portability options. Amazon Kindle Fire is such a device available in market, which gives a true eReading experience on the go. The device has some exclusive features to compete with rivals including Apple iPad. We can have a look on to Kindle Fire’s features, which may force you to prefer Kindle when there is a comparison with other rivals.

Price Matters

In the case of most gadget costumers, the very first thing you should check before buying the gadget is its price. In that aspect, buying Apple iPad for a true eBook reading experience and some other features will not be fair, as you have to pay around $500. Amazon understood this pathetic situation of low-budget gadget seekers and they have put a price tag of $199 for Amazon Kindle Fire, which is almost the half of iPad 2. The lower price cannot be treated as a weakness or a label for poor quality, as the device performs very well in jobs ranging from eReading to Gaming. Therefore, Kindle Fire is a powerful gadget, available for reasonable price.

Screen Size

When it comes to eReading, the significance of screen size of eReader is quite inevitable. However, unlike the normal standards set by Apple iPad, Amazon Kindle Fire comes with a 7-inch screen, which may sound small for at least some of you. Nevertheless, the fact is inverse of what you think because 7-inch is an optimum screen size when portability and compactness matters to you. We guess that you need optimum compactness and portability when it comes to eReading, and obviously, Kindle Fire wins this section as well.

Who Runs It

This is, of course, an important question in eReaders because you cannot always run out for getting eBooks according to your choice. Kindle Fire has the answer in its name itself because it comes from the family of Amazon, which is an optimum source of eBooks and printed books along with consumer electronics sections. The company has included its own store in the device, other than the usual Android Google Play, which allows you to purchase books, music etc by means of single click. We can also state that Amazon has stuffed a compressed online marketing platform inside the seven-inched tablet. We guess that there is no need of mentioning Kindle Store, which is available for other devices as well.


Seamless Entertainment

For at least some of you, functions of eBook reader would not be satisfying if they just allow reading and web browsing. Amazon has understood this fact and they have integrated a premium service with the tablet. This gives unlimited access to 10000 movies and TV shows along with option to borrow eBooks from Kindle store. Isn’t that amazing for an eReader?


Still, do you think Apple iPad is better than Kindle Fire? Do let us know why via comments.