I must say that I am an ardent fan of Android and almost everything connected with it. I like the idea behind the operating system open source, as well as the extent to which it has ample opportunities.
But some properties of the Android irritate and if the user is not willing to suffer, “the idea” may even cause a transition to the device under the control of other mobile OS.
I took the liberty to figure ‘Why do people refuse to Android’, the five characteristics of Android, which alienate users and at times infuriating supporters of the green robot (and myself included).

Methods of payment for applications

One of the most unpleasant moments for home users – is that the applications in the official Google Play application can be purchased only by credit card. These popular in our services like PayPal or Alertpay does not support them. Well, now it becomes clear why Google Play well behind the App Center in terms of sales, because even in many countries, credit card payment is unpopular.

Applications can not sell / buy in all countries

Google, no doubt, trying to make your app store visited around the world, integrating it with c Android-devices on a global level. However, a feeling that while the Internet giant forgets the most basic. Still, not all countries can buy and sell applications. I think it’s just unfair to owners of mobile devices in these countries, and also narrows the range of potential users and limits the company’s profits. Not very well thought-out strategy, frankly.

Google Music, Books, and Movies are not available to most

The fact that most users can only buy items which are most popular from Google Play, which will be a competitor to iTunes. Accessing music, movies and books have received only lucky in some selected countries, and it can not irritate. The list of countries is still not very encouraging:
U.S.: applications, movies, books, music;
Britain & Canada: applications, movies;
Australia: Application & Books;
Japan: application & movies;
Other countries: an application.

Root-access is necessary for timely updates

Do not get me wrong, in the receipt of root-Access is not bad, if the user does so voluntarily, trying to expand the capabilities of their devices. The problem is that many are forced to root the device in order to be able to install third-party firmware and do not wait for official updates , which, unfortunately, all too often delayed.Why or XDA developers RootzWiki quickly give fresh firmware than the official producers?

Poor support for the “old” devices

Have you ever met a situation where a year and a half the manufacturer of your Android-device refuses to update citing the fact that the hardware platform is outdated and does not “pull” the latest version of the system? But you go to XDA forum and was surprised to learn that CyanogenMod or another developer without much effort to port it to your alleged old gadget.
I think that manufacturers smartphones or tablet running on Android, focus on increasing sales of new products and forget about their old users – one of the most unpleasant features of the platform.