Over the past few years, SiteGround has earned quite a reputation. If you had gone through some of SiteGround reviews, you could be wondering what is it; that makes SiteGround different from the other web hosting providers. Indeed, the services are quite similar of all the web hosting services – they all lease some hardware and software resources to their customers, and charges a fixed monthly amount for the service they offer. But every company has their individual style in offering the service, and SiteGround does it in their own ways. There’s a whole lot of affiliate marketers for SiteGround who’d be offering the potentials customers with loads of discount via coupon codes as well.

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What’s the Difference?

So if you had been wondering how SiteGround service is different from the other in the industry, here’s a brief compilation of reviews you might want to go through.

  • Pricing: Pricing for the SiteGround plans are very reasonable. However, at the first glance they appear to be quite expensive. For example, the StartUp plan from SiteGround is $9.95/month without any discount, and $6.95/month with an ongoing official 30% discount. With most hosting companies, the lowest tier shared hosting plan should be available for under $5/month; what is it that makes SiteGround quite expensive? Well, SiteGround’s range of features are higher than most companies in service, and there’s no hidden charge as well. SiteGound offers up to 75% discount coupon for new users that you can check here and confirm. SiteGround shows exactly what they are going to charge every month, whereas most companies exhibit a lower monthly fee and incur loads of hidden fees to bear a headache about.
  • Flexibility of Plans: Each of the shared, WordPress and dedicated hosting plans have three different tiers of packages. Shared hosting plan has three tiers – StartUp, GrowBig and GoGeek which is the same for WordPress hosting plans as well; pricing starts at $9.95/month and goes all the way up to $29.95/month. Dedicated Hosting plan offers Entry, Power and Pro servers for the pricing of $229/month, $329/month and $429/month. Under Cloud Hosting, there are four plans, price ranging from $60/month to $140/month. Reseller Hosting plans cost as low as $42/credit, and only 5 credits are required to start reselling with SiteGround Reseller plans.
  • Regional Servers: The servers are located at United States, Europe and Asia-Pacific. For dedicated plans, users get to choose where exactly they want their server to be. If a website needs to have traffic from a specific region of earth, SiteGround’s choice of server locations would surely help the website owner with the matter.
  • Uptime Guarantee: SiteGround’s website has a brief stat of their hosting service’s uptime over the past 30 days, and over the past 365 days. The uptime last year had been 99.999%, which is commonly called five nine reliability in technology terms. For the last year, the percentage has been 99.996% so far, which still keeps the promise SiteGround makes to their customers.
  • Premium Features: Even for the lower priced hosting plans, SiteGround offers few premium features like unlimited MySQL database, free CloudFlare CDN and SuperCacher technologies for faster loading of websites, free multiple domain registration etc.
  • Customer Support: SiteGround’s excellent customer support gets back to a customer almost instantly; over hotline and live chat. For ticket submission, it will not take more than 10 minutes for a customer support representative to get back.


30-days money refund guarantee enables the users to get a full refund from SiteGround if the service doesn’t work out for them. If you are seriously considering a new website hosting service, give SiteGround a try and discover the potentials.