In fact, all more or less important data about the alleged iPhone 5 images fell out on the internet even very before the release day. Here are the leaked pictures of the front and back panels of this mysterious device iPhone 5, whether it is really a new iPhone or is it a fake, although the latter now seems unlikely.


The Portal published the next generation iPhone 5 images in comparison with the current iPhone 4S. At the moment the page is removed from their server (Why? We don’t know the exact reason ), but other resources preserved iPhone 5 images.

From iPhone 5 images it can be seen that the design of the device keeps the continuity in the design. The main differences are only in the proportions of the body, which became more elongated. Another thing that distinguishes the new generation iPhone 5 from other smart phones – a modified connector, which was much smaller and the shape of a microUSB. Audio is also moved and is located on the bottom of the unit.


Frankly said, I found no surprises in the next generation iPhone 5 at least in design, Let’s see how Apple makes their iFans happy with iPhone 5.

It is expected that the next generation iPhone 5 will appear in the third quarter of this year.