When you google “how to transfer files from Windows Phone to PC”, you can find many complaints. Most WP users have encountered such a problem: They can’t transfer their downloads from smartphone to PC. Most files achieved from alternative apps, generally, can’t be read in PC with usual USB sync or even with Zune Software sync. However, with the newly released UC Browser 2.2 for WP, problem solved! You can not only enjoy the powerful download management, but also transfer your favorite downloads to any devices through SkyDrive Support.

uc browser 2.2uc browser 2.2


UC Browser is the first browser with built-in SkyDrive around the world. In addition to downloading with multi-thread as usual, users of UC Browser 2.2 for WP can upload their downloads in cloud to SkyDrive in seconds. Once users sign in SkyDrive, they can manage their downloads on any platforms and devices.

The powerful Download Management has been the “killer feature” to earn UC browser a great number of Indian fans. In the unstable network environment, the feature of resuming broken download has met Indian users’ urgent need. When it applies to WP, however, a new problem occurs. How to get downloaded recourses out? UC understands users’ new need and satisfies them with SkyDrive Support immediately. No wander it has been the top 1 download-for-free browser in Indian Marketplace for a period of time.

In addition to SkyDrive Support, UC Browser has optimized some other functions basing on Cloud Computing. For example, Thunder Mode, reanalyzing webpage content through cloud server, saves traffic and offers faster speed. Bookmarks Sync, save bookmarks in cloud, enables you to visit your bookmarks on any-phone at anytime!

Windows Phone users can download free UC Browser from Windows marketplace.