Excellent puzzle game for Android- Traffic Wonder HD  where you are doing the job of a transport Logistician. Your task is to pave the route for vehicles so that they do not collide with each other and to make sure that everyone will reach their destination safely. Automobiles and their destination points are visible in a different colour. The task is complicated as you have a limited amount of fuel which makes this game very entertaining.

For a very limited time the game will be available to buy at $0.99. apk file of this game is around 48.8 MB.

traffic wonder hdtraffic wonder hd

What’s in this version:

New theme JUNGLE, completely new 15 levels (75 levels)
controls has been improved, new buttons added to the UI
Super fast calculation option added into the UI
Individual access to players top scores per level
Search players feature added on the Leaderboard
Added extra 3 stop hands
A challenges navigation map added to main menu (only on HD devices)
assets optimisation and reduction (game file size is 60% smaller)
Minor bugs fixed

Download : Traffic Wonder HD from Google Play $0.99