Social media has become an important part of our lives. Wherever we go, the first thing we do is take out our android devices to check on the latest updates or notifications we get! It has also become a ‘status’ media. People look up to you when you have thousand friends or followers and hundred comments or likes. You just have to update what you do or the places you went instantly. Here are a few social media apps for your Android device that help you network easier:


 facebook for android

If you like to post more text-based entries using your Android device or having your own wordpress blog, WordPress is the right app. It is designed to support handy smartphone blogging. It works best on tablets and might be difficult to operate on smartphones. All the features available in PC configuration are available in the smartphone app: you can update or edit posts and manage comments without any difficulty. It supports both WordPress blogs and blogs.

Download WordPress for Android


Tumblr app:

tumblr for android

Enjoy micro blogging? Tumblr is the app to get. It is a great platform to spread your content across internet. With Tumblr you can share anything: articles, videos, photos, links, etc. Chatting is very easy from your Android device. The app has various features which includes tweets optimization, saving drafts and queuing posts. You can find people and follow them from your address book: a great advantage when you use the app on your Android device.

Download Tumblr app for Android

LinkedIn app:

linkedin for android

It is a common social networking name in the business world and home for billion professionals. The main aim of LinkedIn is to bring together professionals with similar interests in fields like agriculture, software, gaming, etc. They can share their knowledge, answer queries or get to know the latest update and offer new ideas. LinkedIn Android app offers uncomplicated features to share and receive updates by just a few clicks. If you use the app, you can merge your contacts, profile information and calendar to your Android device.

Download LinkedIn app for Android

Facebook app:

facebook for android

How can the list not have Facebook app? Facebook is one of the most ‘populated’ social networking website in the world. To support Android users, Facebook has designed an app customizing the website to an android device. Earlier, it was difficult to browse through the website as it was in the ‘PC’ format. Now with Facebook app you can easily chat with friends, update your status, comment on links, share pictures, watch videos and create or join events.

Download Facebook for Android

Other social networking websites like Orkut, Twitter and Google+ also have their customized apps to support Android users.

eBuddy Messenger:

 ebuddy messenger

Do you enjoy chatting? This is definitely the app to own. It combines multiple chat services from Facebook, Gtalk, Yahoo Messenger, MySpace and more to a single user-friendly app.  It’s got a smooth interface which is not the case with most of its competitors and comes free-of-cost. It offers notifications to alert you of new messages. Downloading the app is simple. On the downside, it doesn’t support Skype which is a setback for Skype users.

Download eBuddy Messenger for Android

These are some of the social media apps you can use on-the-go for efficient social networking.

Andrea Walters, a freelance writer for MyTechHelp – a leader in providing support across various products brands and tech devices for individuals and small businesses in need of instant tech tech support