Many of us constantly worry about losing our weight. And for this same purpose, we end up spending a fortune on gyms, health clubs, dietitians and the likes. But not anymore!  If you watch what you eat, and maintain a balanced diet, it does help in losing weight easily. Let us take a look at some iPhone apps, which will help you track your diet and keep up a healthy lifestyle.


diet apps for iphone

40•30•30 may be a bizarre name for an app, but it is quite handy for keeping track of your diet. What this app does is it helps you calculate the total percentage of calories in a food with respect to three food groups (micronutrients) – carbohydrates, protein and fat. The name of this app derives from the breakdown of food nutrients in – 40% Carbohydrate, 30% Protein and 30% Fat, which is recommended by popular diets. So, what this app does is that it helps you check whether your diet contains this standard percentage of these nutrients. If the percentage fluctuates than what is recommended, then you can control your food intake and control it easily.


Fast Food Calorie Counter 

Fast Food Calorie Counter

Want to follow a diet but don’t want to compromise your fast food intake? You will find the perfect solution in the Fast Food Calorie Counter app. This app is a convenient guide, which allows you to strike a balance between ‘satiating your taste buds’  and ‘maintaining a healthy diet’. Use this app and view nutritional information about a particular food item you order, sort foods, keep track of nutrients consumed, view a quick summary along with a detailed description of the food consumed and see how many calories you consumed in a day. Want more? Get a number of free updates to this app. Great news isn’t it?


Lose It!  

lose it

‘Lose It’ is a comprehensive guide, which will help you lose weight easily. Set a goal along with a daily calorie budget and meet them using this app. Choose from a wide range of foods and activities or add your own, track nutrients in food and email or print your detailed report directly from your iPhone. This app works even without a network connection. This easy to use app is great for beginners who have recently started to maintain their diet to stay fit.


Calorie Counter Pro by MyNetDiary 

Calorie Counter Pro by MyNetDiary

You can consider Calorie Counter Pro as one of the most comprehensive diet app ever made. This state-of-the-art app provides a host of options to manage your fitness regime, starting from the food you eat to the exercise you do to stay fit. The app has a large database of food, which makes it easy to track down the calories of various food items.  And not only that, you can also track your water intake through this app.

Apart from diet, you can use this app to choose from more than 500 activities and exercises or opt to enter your custom exercises. Avail all these and plenty of other features, which let you plan your fitness routine.

To wrap it up :

These are some of the best diet apps for iphone, which you can install and use on your iPhones. The earlier you start, the better and the easier it will be for you to track your diet and maintain your health and fitness.


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