In addition to the annual review, it is actually already in our tradition that at the end of the year to set up more or less serious predictions about Google for the next year. Today, here I am going to present the Top 21 predictions about Google for 2013.

Google 2013


  1. The stable version of Google Chrome to be reached number 30

  2. Google may release some apps for Windows Phone 8

  3. Picasa will not be developed further

  4. Google Docs to be work well in complete offline mode

  5. Google to release Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie

  6. Google to release nexus 5 with Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie

  7. Google to create stricter rules, which make it possible to remote updating of Android

  8. Google to roll out an update to the uniform look of Gmail, Docs, Calendar, Google+

  9. There are at least five other services set

  10. Google Chrome devices to be sold via Google Play Store in other countries

  11. Google has learned from the fiasco of the Nexus 4 and has enough equipment available in the Play Store

  12. Map Maker to be launched in Germany, Brazil and where it doesn’t exist

  13. Google to introduce responsive AdSense ads

  14. Google Earth to be available for Chrome OS

  15. Google to test self-driving car in Europe

  16. Ingress to be available for iPhone

  17. Payment via NFC and Wallet to be available in Europe

  18. Google may lower prices for Google Drive

  19. Google Drive to be officially available for Linux

  20. Google to increase the sponsorship of sporting events

  21. Offline Gmail to get a new update

What are your predictions about Google for 2013?