Online tutorials are informative content that are hosted on the web. The informatory content may pertain to an array of niche topics that educate readers about a process or procedure. The striking feature of an online tutorial is that it facilitates easy understanding of a process, and provides users with a detailed step-by-step description of a process or procedure. Online tutorials are available in many forms, namely in screen recorded files, author written downloadable documents, recorded audio files that provide step by step instructions to the listener, and videos with viewable instructions. Tutorials play a vital role in online education, where they help users to learn about installing and using software or operating system or any product for that matter.

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An online tutorial mimics the characteristics of a real-time tutorial that is a part of the curriculum in most educational institutions and universities. Online tutorials primarily comprise of three parts: content presentation with examples, method of review for easy understanding of content, and transition to additional content on top of the information previously provided. Though all these parts are rare in all tutorials, most tutorials are comprised of a collection of teachings and steps to understand or carry out a process. There are many websites that host informative tutorials and also allow users to upload new tutorials.

As online tutorials are informatory content people often flock to websites hosting such content to learn about processes. If you are a webmaster looking to build links and drive traffic to your blog or site, you can very well start writing unique tutorials relating niche topics and submit it to tutorial hosting websites. You can register with such websites and upload your unique tutorial with a backlink to your blog or website. Search engines like Google frequently index tutorial hosting websites and hence the authority given to that website by search engine bots is transferred back to your blog or website in the form of a backlink. This ultimately results in better visibility of your blog or website on search engine results page, and also results in increased unique visitors to your blog or website.

Before writing tutorials, make sure that you research on a niche topic and work on how your content is going to differ from the thousands of other content available on the web. Select a topic that in a way relates to the content on your blog, so that your link is not disregarded as spam during search engine indexing. Finally, select a title that is rarely touched on and a write quality and understandable tutorial on that topic.

Tutorial submission is a win-win strategy, as users can learn from your tutorial and you can also drive more visitors to your blog. If you are expert in writing unique and quality content, then you can very well try out tutorials as they generate loads of free online traffic and enhance the publicity of your blog or website on the web. I have listed below a few high pagerank free tutorial submission websites that allow users to upload tutorials with backlinks.

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In conclusion, for webmasters who are working diligently on traffic generation and search engine optimization, online tutorial submission is an effective link building strategy that will literally condense your diligence.

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