Chennai, the Detroit City of India has really coming up with the huge potential for the real estate market to flourish in coming years alluring the investors with high return on their investment. Before investing, just keep these things into consideration so that your smart moves get you more than others who would be putting their house for sale in Chennai in coming years.

flat in chennai


The location of the property is one of the important concern while opting for a property buy. A property well connected with the city gets better appreciation than properties located in remote places. Another important aspect to be

Accessibility to daily utility spots

Check the surroundings and find out the proximity of shopping centers, groceries, bank, gym, petrol pumps, nursing home and other regular places catering to daily utility services. The more easy access you have to these places, the more prices hike you may expect down the line


While opting for buying a flat in Chennai, don’t stretch your financial budget by getting carried away by emotions. Apart from the initial down – payment, there are other miscellaneous expenses too, which can actually take a toll on your financial health. Also ensure that you have financial cushions to meet the emergencies

Allotted Areas

Check the Carpet area, Built – up and Super Built – Up area properly before finalizing the property. Carpet area is the floor space available for living, whereas built – up area includes the thickness of the wall as well as balcony along with the carpet area and super built up includes the common area, lift, parking space, stairs etc. along with the built – up area

Amenities and the Facilities available

Check out the amenities and the facilities available in the housing society you have opted for and ensure that you also have access to those facilities. For instance, many properties includes facilities like gym, swimming etc. but after wards the society may not have those facilities or amenities ready for the residents

Prioritize your requirement

The most important aspect is to prioritize your requirement like what you want to opt for. If you want to shift immediately you may opt for resale properties or else, if you have the provision for your accommodation for couple of years you may go for up – coming projects

Get a banker and an advocate

The banker to plan your financials proper and an advocate to ensure that the legal matters are sorted with due diligence. Buying a property involves both financial planning and dealing with legal matters related to property. A proper guidance can help you in smoothing the process

Spotting a good broker or developer

This is perhaps the most important task. A good broker or developer can only take you to your dream house. If you are hiring one, don’t forget to do a proper reference check before going ahead with him

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