Representatives of the U.S president Obama administration announced yesterday that 36 states, local governments and school districts decided to enter the program Challenge for Better Building launched by U.S. President.

The decision was published in Denver, Colorado, where nearly 300 national and local leaders gathered to discuss sustainable development policies.

It seems that this challenge is mainly aimed to save some money by reducing energy consumption in public buildings, including schools. If things go as planned, almost $2 billion (about 1. 6 billion euros) was invested in renewable energy and energy efficiency. Some speculate that this could easily lead to very good news for the market of jobs, because the buildings will not become energy efficient themselves.

According to the EERE ( Office of Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy ) most of these funds will be converted to energy conservation bonds, which basically give state and local governments free passage for the use of green energy.

“This project reduce energy costs of local governments, will provide jobs in a wide range of industries and help build a sustainable U.S. economy, “said Secretary of U.S. Department of Energy.

The same source informs us that the new project is part of President Obama’s plan to boost the national economy by investing in these new green industries. It seems that with the new project Obama has decided to counter recent accusations according to which the country’s public lands are not used in an ecological way.