The Sprint a network is growing as technicians continue working hard to expand their 4G network. Lots of smart phone users across the country as still holding on to their 3G network phones. The appeal of the 4G network is exciting though. Some people are changing their phones and carriers just to get access to the 4G network. This is why Sprint has to move fast.

More Tablets and Smart Phones Added

Sprint has a lot of different smartphones and tablets for customers. The problem, however, is that the network is not ready to handle everything that is coming out. Luckily, the company is move fast to get more people on the network. Recent additions for the 4G LTE network include products by Samsung, LG and htc.

4G LTE sprint

Samsung’s Galaxy Tab 2.0 is among the favorites in the tablet PC markets that have been added to the Sprint 4G networks. The LG Optimus G has also had some great exposure since it became the part of the Sprint 4G network. As the third largest carrier in the U.S. there is a lot riding on the 4G network plans. Sprint knows that they have to do something to keep the customers happy. Several other competitors are competing for business so Sprint has to stay on top of things.

Expanding Before Customers Depart

What Sprint is really trying to do is expand their network before customers start leaving. There is a real great tendency for people to leave and switch carriers when a new phone or new technology surfaces. The fact that the 4G networks has been advertised as 10 times faster than the 3G networks is making lots of customers think hard. It’s difficult not to be tempted if another carrier has 4G network when Sprint doesn’t. This is why Sprint is trying to expand the network as quick as possible to keep their customers happy.

Capitalizing on Rapid Growth

There is actually a lot of growth on the Sprint network for new customers. The fact that the company is moving so fast to expand has captured the attention of some new smart phone users. The main competitor, Verizon, has 400 markets for 4G LTE networks. AT&T is behind this at a distance second with 75 markets. Sprint is far from both of these number with only 24 markets, but customers are sticking with Sprint. Many people are hanging around because Sprint has decided honor unlimited data plans on the faster 4G LTE network.
Spring knows that the organization will have to keep some exciting data plans to keep customers happy. The leaders in the company also know that there are a plethora of smart phones and tablets going on sale for the holidays. This is why the company is working hard to bring support to even more of the smart portable devices.

The livelihood of the company is going to be based on how well these devices perform on 4G LTE networks. Sprint still has a lot of work in upcoming months.


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