When we want to invest our hard-earned money somewhere, we want the most lucrative of the opportunities. And when parents or employees want to invest in some cell phone monitoring software, they want no hassle and maximum returns. This review will explore the software that has far exceeded our expectations.

Our Expectations:

We are analysts and we expect high of any of the products we review because there is no need to waste time on substandard products. We expect a mobile phone monitoring program to be readily compatible with most smartphones, has ultimate security coverage. Economic factor would be a perk but there is no escape from the stable performance for any spy app to pass the test.

StealthGenie- One Step Ahead:

We were pleasantly surprised discovering that StealthGenie was a step ahead from our already high expectations. Since most smartphone apps are not customized to perfection, we were willing to be a little lenient toward StealthGenie but this spy software asked for the standards to be further raised!


Installing StealthGenie on Android devices took less than 5 minutes, for BlackBerry the procedure lingered for 5 more minutes while for iPhones, as predicted, the installation took about 15 minutes or so. You can reinstall StealthGenie again if target phone user updates the phone OS or iOS as this software is compatible with all Android, iPhone and BlackBerry phones.


Specs are the real goodies for the StealthGenie customers. They are extensively-laid out and detailed. With a variety of so many features, there is a spate feature for each phone related activity. Some of the specs include monitoring:

·         SMS

·         Calls

·         Contacts

·         Chats

·         Emails

·         Browser history

·         Geo-location

·         Gallery files


The aspect where StealthGenie exceeds our expectations is the exclusivity. It has duly planned a strategy and focused on offering new and reliable to the customers. The StealthGenie users can even:

·         Set trigger alerts

·         Record phone surroundings

·         Track all installed apps on target phone

·         Monitor BlackBerry PIN messages and Task Logs

·         Check location history

·         Track WhatsApp and iMessage chats


Price would not be an issue for any would-be StealthGenie client as it has three packages catering to different income brackets. It starts from $ 8 to $ 16 a month which is no big deal.

You Decide!

That was pretty much all we had in stock for you. If you are a parent or an employer and want to stay in the know than StealthGenie cell phone monitoring software could be a very lucrative and effective option. Thick thoroughly, act soon!