It is not necessary to be a polyglot in order to understand more and more languages. Modern technologies allow us to understand if you are not 100%, then at least the general meaning of the text in any language, by having a handy Android translator application and dictionary. We present a selection of the most popular Android translator to help you on vacation or while reading.

Google Translator

Google Translator application has support for 64 languages for translation. Google Translator also allows voice input of text, preserves the history of translation and view translation alternatives.Google Translator is Free. After a recent renovation, many complain that the interpreter was not so easy to use. However, this is a matter of taste and design. Functionally, the Google translator does not hurt.

Google Play Download link: Click here



iTranslate is most popular iPhone app. Now the most popular iOS translator is now available for users of Android. iTranslate also gives the number of languages in the Google database translator, but fifty is still not well enough. iTranslate allows to share the content with your friends on Twitter or email. It has Voice control support and its free of charge.

Google Play Download link: Click here


Translator + Dictionary

Translator + Dictionary application , which name is the same pretense, worthy of attention. Moreover, judging by the comments, it can compete with its renowned alternatives.Translator + Dictionary works in two modes: translation of individual words or sentences. Allows you to your own dictionary. It is also free.
Not just fresh breath easier to understand, but a good dictionary in your pocket!

Google Play Download link: Click here