Housing.com is known for its penchant of using technology in tasks like property search. Before the portal invested considerable efforts to improve the way properties are searched online, there were no efforts made by the competitors. However, the market was buoyant and the demand was high. Perhaps this is reason why no efforts were made earlier. However, housing.com was developed after its founders could not find reliable property listings online. This is the reason why the portal has focussed more on reliable information provisioning. This has been enabled by the appropriate use of technology. Here is how housing.com has been able to utilize technology in property search.

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Technology and Rental Properties

Assume that an end user is using housing.com portal to find an apartment for rent in HSR layout in Bangalore. This end user enters the name of the property and finds the search results are listed in a map of the locality. It is worth noticing that as this user zooms into the map, more search results are revealed. At this point, there are numerous filter options accessible as well. The end user can use them to find house for rent that best fit his/her requirements. The locality is assessed for the right kind of neighbourhood and ten a property is selected for review. As the end user clicks on the marker, a box appears which comprises of photographs of the property along with other details of amenities. The photographs are verified. Within this property specifications box, the end user can also find the distances of places like banks, restaurants, grocery stores and parks. If there is a specific place which is not mentioned, there is an option to find the distance of that place as well. There is also a score called Lifestyle Index which is associated with the rental property.

The Technology Initiative

All this is quite convenient for the end user. However mapping the property listing, assessing location distances in real time and the appropriate use of filters shows that considerable thought has gone into the making of this portal. Apart from the technology that marries the location and the map, there is complex mathematics and programming that works in the background to assess the qualities of flats for rent in HSR layout.

The Lifestyle Index can be clicked and one can find the components that it is made up of. Every score can be broken down into the commuting score, locality score and the society score. The best part about this score that it is not influenced by any personal opinion. It is based on a complex mathematical formula which automatically assesses every property once it is listed and the score is prepared.

Where ease of search is concerned, the portal has used statistics and programming to assess terabytes of data to find the major factors that help an end user decide on the selection of a property. This is how the filter options have been created. The data gathering operations have also been aligned accordingly. Therefore when the property is listed, all the information that an end user might seek is already uploaded into the property details.

In Conclusion

Housing.com has proven time and again that technology and mathematics can be utilized in solving the needs and demands of the end users where property search and acquisition is concerned.