It’s a treat to all technology lovers because Microsoft is launching surface 2 & surface pro 2 which is the advance version of surface RT and surface pro. Are you interested to know about the new product launched by Microsoft?

img15 Things a buyers need to know

 1. Walk towards Microsoft store

“ Dream about the future are always filled with gadgets”.

The pave to future leads towards surface 2 & surface pro 2. It’s your time to visit the technology house i.e. Microsoft store. Just have a ride with the advance version of surface RT & surface 2. If you don’t have Microsoft store nearby you, we will be near you with just a click. Just log on to and book your gadget now. It provides you the fastest service.

img2It comes with exciting accessories like surface touch cover & type cover in different color.

2. Dream for big accessory with Microsoft

With the advance gadgets like surface 2 & surface pro 2, Microsoft announced about the new power cover which will allow users to extend the battery life of surface. The power cover is pretty large and provides 30Wh of power, adding 150% more battery life.  Dream offer is limited. So it is the right time to grab the offer and have an advance Surface 2 & surface pro 2 which comes with free accessory. These are the most attractive part of surface 2 & surface pro 2.

3. Surface 2 & surface pro 2 walks with windows RT

Microsoft’s new product surface 2 works in collaboration with windows RT. So we cannot say that windows RT ends up with this extend. Every version have its super model and according to present generation we always want some new accessories.

img3Surface 2 have the greatest privilege on its processor & better screen. It have the tendency of downloading app from the windows store. Surface 2 doesn’t allow the user to install application to the desktop.

img4User should buy surface pro 2 to enjoy all these facilities.

4. Inside surface 2 & surface pro 2

Microsoft made surface 2 & surface pro 2 comes with first generation hardware. It is the most advance version with change in its hardware like screen, camera, battery life, casing & etc. The most advance item in surface 2 is the original touch cover. It uses the Windows 8.1 version. It has the best processor among all other accessories. Its body structure is very nice, attractive, slim and light.

It comes with a RAM of 8 gigabytes. All are eagerly waiting for its next generation.

5. Extras & bonus by Microsoft with surface 2 & surface pro 2

It gives the 200 gigabyte of skydrive live online storage free for two years. It gives one year unlimited call to lane line through skype service. Only Microsoft gives the touch cove or type cover in its accessories.

All total Microsoft has the strongest line up of technology in production. Making fingers crossed for its next creation.