Nokia plans on doing something very different, because they know how to attract the youngsters. Obviously, a phone branded with the favorite super heroes will be sold like hotcakes. Nokia is not new to doing interesting stuffs like these; they have previously released a Batman Branded Nokia Lumia 900. Following the foot step of the predecessor Lumia 900, this Finnish company is about to release a newer variant of Lumia 925, that will have superman branding. And this variant on land on earth just after the official Man of Steel movie does, on June 16 in Chinese markets.

This superman edition will be an extremely limited one, and it will be available as an initial release in 925 devices. Nokia keeps the number of device release and the model number the same, another business trick from this mobile giant.

Superman Branded Nokia Lumia 925 Announced: Lumia News

The superman branded Nokia Lumia 925 will have a Superman logo in the rear side of the Nokia Lumia 925. This version will have the identical features like the normal Lumia 925; you won’t notice any basic changes in any specifications or anything. It comes with the same wireless charging capability. These features hav been a specialty for the Lumia series devices, and this superman branded Lumia 925 is no exception. But the charger will be sold separately, not now; it will be available right when the device is unveiled to the market.

You will notice some changes in the app set up; there will be visual themes that will resemble the official Man of Steel movie. And the newly released official Man of Steel app is rumored to be available as a built in app in this phone. You will get ringtones, themes, wallpapers and DC comics to read in this app. Pretty cool for a smartphone, especially for the superman fans.

There is no more specific information on the Lumia 925 superman branded smartphone; it will sell for $625. This will be initially released in Chinese market only but we except it to make it far beyond this market.