The Subscribers email-list mailing is an effective source of consumer test market, which will help to identify gaps and to know the opinion of people about a new product or service.

Subscriber’s email-list mailing – a great way to promote your products to help stay in touch with your customers. However, not everyone knows that this list will serve as a source of consumer test market for new products and services.Consumer test market – a sort of a test group of people who individually are willing to try a new product or use the services offered. The main purpose of the test is to collect market feedback, which serves as a unique resource of an objective opinion about the product. At this stage it is possible to identify key weaknesses and eliminate them before launching into widespread production.

Consumer test market is also an opportunity to learn about the flaws that cannot be repaired, but really ready to work with similar complaints from future customers. Participants in the test group may in turn be useful to offer original ideas that you yourself would probably not have guessed.

Subscriber’s email-list mailing is useful to test the market, as they have already shown interest in your company and products. You, in turn, give them the opportunity to give their feedback with your innovations. You can offer a new product to try at the regular price, at a discount or for free. It should also indicate that you are still working on the improvement of the test product and the final result, which will go on sale, may be different from the test. Such an approach will allow you to avoid disappointment on the part of consumers, who tested one product and who sell them to another so you will get the idea about the improvement is necessary or not.

You should create a special online form for consumer test market where consumers can easily post a review. Ask them to write not only my opinion, but also comments, suggestions and requests for new products. You can then use them on their landing page, when a new product is finally ready for mass production.

Subscriber’s email-list mailing can be used successfully in the areas of product development in IT-technology field. For example, you can send an invitation with a link to a special questionnaire, which will help you understand exactly what is necessary to focus when creating a new product.

If your business relates to the service sector, you still can effectively use subscribers email-newsletter as consumer test market. You can directly ask the participants about the new services and the services that they would like to receive. When dealing with physical goods, you can have your test group indicate, for example, what new kinds of products they would like to see and what properties of the test product can be improved, etc.

So it is very Important, not to miss such an important and unique opportunity to consumer test market about your new product!