What is 4G?

4G represents the fourth generation of mobile phone technology and follows directly on from 3G. 4G provides broadband access and one of its biggest draws is the significant speeds that it can achieve. 4G is five times fast than the previous 3G and as such it’s a highly attractive technology that is now readily available for the general public.
4G from vividwireless.

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Vividwireless 4G broadband now provides service for their customers and simply put; it’s a fantastic service. As intimated, it’s incredibly fast, but that’s not the only reason why people all over the world are going mad for this latest telecommunications technology. It’s also incredibly hassle-free.

4G is totally wireless; so when you get 4G from vividwireless, you don’t need a existing phone line to get set up – you merely plug in your vividwireless device, set your account up and you can get connected straight away. When broadband has been installed previously, it has required a certain level of fuss. New modems had to be installed and consequently it was a relatively slow process – ordering and waiting for the technician before you could use the service. With 4G, the hassle is a thing of the past.

What can I do with 4G?

4G is built to be used; and consequently it can be used to truly appreciate the Internet and all the great things that are possible with high speed broadband; either on the go or at home. Watch movies, check your emails, peruse your social networks or read the news – all of these services are possible when you choose 4G from vividwireless.

Another great thing about 4G wireless Internet is that while you still need to be in vividwireless’s coverage area; it’s not location specific in the way that regular broadband is. Moving house? Don’t worry about changing the broadband over or cancelling your contract. The device moves with you – no extra set up fees, no hassle.

Why should I care about speed?

Obviously one of the main selling points of the 4G technology is the speed that it offers. If you’re wondering whether to get 4G from vividwireless and you’re wondering how worthwhile it would be, it’s worth thinking about exactly what you want to use your broadband for – whether at home or out and about.

If you love watching videos online or video calling your friends, then you’ve probably realised that while 3G is good; it does still have it’s drawbacks. When you compare a 4G service to a 3G service you realise that 4G is incredibly superior – so if you do stuff online that necessitates speed then 4G is certainly the service for you.

Is 4G from vividwireless really expensive?

You would think that this technology would be very expensive; but 4G from vividwireless is exceptional value for money. Vividwireless doesn’t force you to sign up for a long period in order to make good savings, there are no differences in charging when it comes to peak and off peak and if you get a device and it turns out to have poor signal they provide a 14 day money back guarantee.