Standard front camera is a small module, which has a circular shape, and is usually located above the display, smartphone or tablet. But what if the camera will be installed inside of the display, and a completely different place?

Sony has applied for a patent, which has set the front camera on the inside of the screen.In fact, Sony’s engineers are going to put a screen four sensors: a proximity sensor, the sensor measuring the light, and the actual fingerprint image sensor. However, none of the sensors should not be visible to the user.

The use of technology will not only increase the height of the display. The user opens a number of new features. You no longer have to worry about the size of the camera module.Manage mobile devices will be without touching the screen. As an example, the smartphone Sony Xperia Sola, which uses a similar kind of contact-management system (but that’s another story).

How soon will the first device with a hidden camera module, we do not know. But in any case, the idea proposed by Sony, it seems interesting.