Microsoft released new updated version of SkyDrive App for Windows phone which is now available to download from windows marketplace. The latest app version is 2.2 and applicable for Windows Phone 7.5 or higher. New SkyDrive version 2.2 comes with a new logo and some other changes, so that it can dominate within other apps in the same category.

SkyDrive App for Windows Mobile

SkyDrive App for Windows phone – New features of version 2.2:

Version 2.2 includes the following new features and improvements:

  • SkyDrive new logo and visual updates.

SkyDrive App for Windows Phone Description and Features:

If you store your files on SkyDrive, you can access it from any device. Windows Mobile provides integrated access to SkyDrive directly from the office and Pictures hub. The captured images can be uploaded automatically, so you can easily access it via SkyDrive. With SkyDrive App for Windows Mobile to manage and share files is even easier – all in one place.

With SkyDrive App for Windows phone Now you can conveniently manage and share files, you can:

  • Access your SkyDrive content and access shared files for you.
  • View the most recently used documents.
  • Upload your photos or videos to your cell phone up.
  • Share files and share photos – send a link in an email, or request a link you can use Copy and Paste.
  • Manage your files – you can move or delete folders, rename or create new folders.
SkyDrive App for Windows Phone

Download : SkyDrive App for Windows phone from windows marketplace.

What is Windows Live SkyDrive?

Store, manage and download your files, photos on Windows Live servers, and open it from any computer with Internet access. Share photos and files that you created with your friends, collaborate on documents, or view photos and files you create, every user in the Windows Live network. When you log into Windows Live SkyDrive website with your Windows Live ID, you will receive:

  • Storage: store thousands of photos and files. From the SkyDrive storage display shows how much space you have already used.
  • Organization: Organize your files in top-level folders and sub folders that you create.
  • Control: Choose permissions for each top-level folder that you create from. Store your photos, files and favourites in personal folders so that only you can access it. Keep them in shared folders, so you can live in your Windows network, your extended network and use it with people in your contact list together, or in public folders, so they can be viewed by anyone on the Internet.
  • Benefits: Keep track of your favourite websites, even if you do not just use your own computer.
  • Flexibility: copy move, delete and label your photos, and rename it after you’ve uploaded it.
  • View: Photos that are stored as JPG, JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG, TIF, TIFF files are displayed with thumbnails and can by others are displayed on SkyDrive or in an online slide show, if this Users have the proper permission to view.
  • Sharing: Give direct links to your folders, files and photos without tie or your photos and files to your blog or your website. Using captions two other people also say that you have added the picture to SkyDrive.

New to SkyDrive? If you use Hotmail, Messenger, or Xbox LIVE, you already have an account on SkyDrive. However, if you do not have a SkyDrive account, you can log in to “” register and create a new account. Then you can upload your files from your PC or Mac and easily access to your phone to them.