Samsung officially announced the Exynos 4412 SoC four core CPU, 32 nm processor – a lot of energy-saving power, which can be seen in the Samsung “next Galaxy”.

Now, Samsung also has its own Quad core processor which used in Galaxy S3 officially. It is a quad-core ARM Cortex A9 processor in 32nm with the name Exynos 4412 . This of course has much more power than the predecessor and consumes 20% less energy

The Exynos 4412 processor runs at a clock speed of 1.4GHz and is based on the ARM Cortex A9 quad-core. Exynos 4412 should be very energy efficient and offer unprecedented performance levels. It consumes 20% less energy than the previous version of the 45nm dual Exynos 4.  Exynos 4412 is twice the computing power as the dual-core have. However, he has exactly the same size of 12mm x 12mm x 1.37mm. Exynos 4412 should be especially suitable for 3D rendering, simulation and other tasks that produce a high workload. Videostremaing runs on one core, while other core applications upgrade in the background, scanning for viruses or stay connected to the Web.


With the high speed quad Exynos 4, multitasking easy. Experience powerful performance when switching quad core seamlessly from online social networking, to surfing the web to gaming. These activities drain battery life. Fortunately, the Exynos 4 quad, built using 32nm low power process HKMG * Allows for increased power-efficient in your favorite mobile device. How amazing! Exynos 4 Quad CPU shows twice better performance, while consuming 20% ​​less power than the previous generation Exynos developed on 45nm.

I’m really excited to see how high the battery life in the Galaxy S3 then, because of the Tegra 3 has its 5th Core, which operates when high power is required.

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In the following video you get a first impression of the performance of the new Exynos chips – looks good to me personally.