Worldwide availability of DDR4 RAM modules is expected in the market up to 2014. However, the hardware manufacturers are already on the way to adapt the DDR4 technology to the demands of new computing devices. The Korean company Samsung has introduced the first World’s first DDR4 16GB RAM built on the basis of 30-nanometer crystals of memory.

The following year, the Korean manufacturer, Samsung plans to release the memory modules of 32 GB  capacity with the chips based on 20 nm (20-29 nm), whose capacity will be up to 3200 Mbit/s. According to Samsung, DDR4 16GB RAM consume only 1.2 V. If we compare them with the DDR3 RAM, a savings of 40%.

These RDIMMs (registered dual inline memory modules) are prepared for the future platforms for the server business.

Samsung said, “developing of DDR4 is in its final stages and the deliveries of the DDR4 16GB RAM  are scheduled to begin from the next month”.

The company said it will work closely with its customers including server OEMs, as well as CPU and controller makers, to expand the market base for high-density DDR4 modules, of which it plans to begin volume production next year. It also is set to expand the overall premium memory market with its most advanced 20nm-class based DDR4 DRAM products, which will be available sometime next year at densities up to 32GB.