Recently at the presentation of Samsung Galaxy S3 company announced a number of useful accessories for the new flagship. Here we have official pictures of all the accessories from the press release.

Galaxy S3

Let’s start with  C-Pen  (not to be confused with the S-Pen ) – this is capacitive stylus pen to control your smartphone. ” C-Pen” has turned out very stylish. This pen will not only help during the work on the big screen of Galaxy S3, but will also fit in your jacket pocket.

Perhaps the most cool and stylish accessories among all, can be considered as Flip Cover – cover opening. It is interesting that the back part of Flip Cover has a hole for the camera and speakers which will replace the basic cover of smartphone, it also not interfere with daily work with the smartphone, moreover, perfectly protects the screen’s new Galaxy S3.

stand and ” charging pocket “. This device is designed for owners of vehicles that have already bought an extra battery, because it only can charge battery which is separated from smartphone.

Wi-Fi Display Hub: This is a wireless HDMI-adapter that connects to your TV and allows you to Wi-Fi broadcast on the big screen photos and videos from your Galaxy S3.  The company’s specialists not only in the glory of the job of the quality of the new flagship, but to complement it,  they were equipped to the teeth. So, wishing to spend some extra bucks on these accessories and you will not be disappointed .