In this issue of app review, I want to talk about unusual rss-reader like Flipboard. So, today you will find the detailed review of different rss reader for Android such as Flipboard, Feedly, Google currents and Pulse News.

rss reader for android


Category : News and Journals
Developer / Publisher :Flipboard
Version : 1.8.4 Price : Free –
Link to Google Play

Flipboard recently on everyone’s lips. The main feature of Flipboard is in the collection and submission of content to users. The developers not only came up with an interesting system of turning pages through which the application is received its name. They were able to create a simple and easy to use an rss – reader.

To get started with Flipboard you just have to mention interested subjects, and the application will gather the most interesting news from dozens of different sources.

If desired, you can also generate a feed by connecting to the Flipboard to Google +, Google Reader, Facebook, Tumblr or Twitter.

App Screenshots :


Category : News and Journals
Developer / Publisher : Feedly Team
Version : 7.0.0 Price : Free –
Link to Google Play

Feedly is a great and beautiful service that makes it easy and convenient to work with Google Reader. Now it has a special service for mobile applications for iOS and Android, which not only work fine with your Google Reader, but also have an impressive library of English-language sites.

But this is not important, Forget long scroll up and down. In Feedly you will you turn the pages like a book – right to left. Each thematic channel has a great “cover” in the form of latest news, and all other records will be placed on the following pages. Depending on your preferences, they can be organized either as a list or grid view.

But besides the “big” channels such as “technology” or “Photo”, you will be able to view other sites. To do this, simply select the desired flow in the main menu subscriptions.

With a simple interface and an unloaded Feedly easily cope with a large number of subscriptions and be able to compete for a place in the apparatus of users with a more famous counterparts.

App Screenshots

Google Currents

Category :News and Journals
Developer / Publisher :Google Inc.
Version : 1.5.1 Price : Free –
Link to Google Play

Google Currents is now available in almost all countries.

In the Google Currents you can find a huge library of a variety of “big” and “small” Internet publications, online magazines and blogs that developers carefully sorted by categories. But if you could not find a particular site in the internal library, it can always be added to the application of the Google Reader. However, in this case, the process of adding a new source of news will take some time.

App Screenshots :


Pulse News Reader

Category :News and Journals
Developer / Publisher :Alphonso Labs
Version : 2.9.6 Price : Free –
Link to Google Play

RSS reader called Pulse News Reader appeared in google application store for a long time,developers are still developing their offspring, adding new features and fix bugs.

Pulse News Reader has its own “counter”.  Pulse News Reader displays all the feeds in the form of horizontal lines, divided into small squares. Each box represents a news.

Thanks to the convenient and simple interface, you can easily add a new rss feed in application, or simply transfer your subscription with Google Reader.

But that’s not all. Thanks to a special section called you can put your favorite records on and then read them at leisure, an interesting news in a variety of services and synchronize your favorite sources for all devices and platforms.

App Screenshots :