Finnish company Rovio Entertainment “did the cashier” for all known game Angry Birds, but the company seems to have realized that in the infinite evil birds and green pigs will not be able to travel and you should try something completely new. Today, the company, Rovio presented its new game project titled Amazing Alex.

Today, the company officially presented the toy game Amazing Alex for devices based on iOS and Android. Strictly speaking, the Rovio does not create a game from scratch, but continued the project previously purchased Mysery Coconut and Snappy Touch. In the game, fans of Angry Birds without a doubt see the notes of the first creation by Rovio, since the game is also based on the geometry, collision objects, complex and not very principles of interaction between objects . Of course, all dressed in a different shell, and a background.

All gamers, developers have proposed nearly a hundred different levels, where they can hone their skills in a virtual Khitan subjects. In addition, gamers can build their own obstacles in the game and share your created levels with each other. Rovio said that while the Amazing Alex is only available for iOS and Android, while the version for Windows Phone, Mac and the PC will come soon. Its interesting to note that today the online edition of the Pocket-Lint reported, citing its sources that the Rovio itself develops the next version of  Angry Birds which may be Angry Pigs.

If the original players are invited to “bomb” birds pigs, they have stolen the eggs, the Angry Pigs player stands on the side of the pigs and must protect the stolen eggs. Obviously, Angry Pigs will be a success, of course, if the company does not frighten the implementation, as the number of downloads of the original Angry Birds have long exceeded 50 million. When Rovio release the Angry Pigs, is unknown, but sources say it will happen before the end of the year, tentatively in November.

Finally, the third announcement that is sure to please gamers is that the South Korean company, Samsung will release a version of the game Angry Birds for the next generation of its Smart TV ES7000, ES8000 and ES9000. Smart TV version of Angry Birds was created by a previously published Smart TV SDK. You can Play Angry Birds Space game on Smart TV directly without having to connect any additional devices. Samsung announced the cooperation of Rovio back in January of this year at CES2012 show in Las Vegas.

It is also relevant to recall that just yesterday the company Rovio and Activision have confirmed previously appeared the industry’s wave of speculation about the future of console versions of Angry Birds. They announced that three different versions of Angry Birds for gaming consoles are currently in development. Console version of the popular mobile game will be designed for the Playstation 3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS. The Games will be available on optical disks or cartridges (for 3DS). Sources in the companies say that the console version of Angry Birds will be released in December this year.

Executive Vice President Rovio Yarvalehto Petrie says that the game appears on mobile version, the console with an animated background and different lighting options, the system of three-dimensional (3D TV), and so on. We think that many users will appreciate the console project”, – he says. We also know that the console Kinect will support the Angry Birds on the Xbox 360, Move for the PS3 and StreetPass for Nintendo 3DS. Earlier, Rovio has released several different versions Angry Birds for iOS and Android, but any information regarding the release of the product under the Windows Phone platform, company refused. In addition, the Rovio recently released version of the Angry Birds for Facebook.

The new game Amazing Alex appears on Google Play and App Store.