Michael Head, CEO of Rovio, which is known to the public as a developer of world-popular Angry Birds, in Finnish channel YLE Uutiset stated that they will try to repeat the success of Angry birds in the new game. The new creation is called Amazing Alex.

Amazing Alex

The Amazing Alex is directly related or based on Casey’s contraptions which is now not available in play store, Casey’s contraptions has acquired by Rovio not long ago.If you believe a small promo clip, in the Amazing Alex. you have to solve simple puzzles. However, there are limited tools available in your hands to figure out how to connect it all together. Many will remember the series game The Incredible Machine , which was carried out in a very similar style.

Michael Head said that they would try to bring in Casey’s Contraptions as many new ideas to a new game in no way inferior to their cult Angry Birds.

Sneak peek at Rovio’s next game Amazing Alex