The world has undergone a great change and it’s currently relying more on the online platform. India has also started its online shopping world with great deal of rapid outgrowth. But, none can match against the marketing strategies of AskMeBazaar. With their recent ongoing saga of AskMe app for Android, their started online shopping world with DealGuru, your next solution for online shopping. Today, we’ll see how DealGuru works and the advantages of shopping with this amazing network.

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DealGuru is a hive where the buyers and sellers meet, exchange money and receive goods through the online portal. You no longer need to go to the actual shopping mall if you’re completing your deals in DealGuru. Starting from clothes, DealGuru has has covered a wide range of products like Fashion accessories, gifts, flowers, jewelry, industrial equipments, machinery, mobiles, computers, fitness, healthcare equipments, bags, automobile accessories and whole bunch of things on its product line up. The most amazing thing about DealGuru is that you’ll receive the actual product that’s displayed on their product category.

How to Purchase/ Make an Order

When you first make an entrance on their product lineup by following this link –, you’ll get all the different categories on your left and there’s also a search button on the top if you’re looking for anything desirable. On the right side, you’ll find “Steal Deals” where all the best deals are listed. Every product has a distinctive price listed below the product. Some products also have a price cut. If you like any product, just click on it to reveal its details. For apparel, you can choose color, size and see the actual seller listed on the right side. Now, just you’ll require clicking on BUY NOW and you’ll be redirected to enter your delivery address including your full name, email. Once you confirm your order by putting in all the necessary information, you’ll need to make payment.

How DealGuru is Exceptional


We’ve talked about that DealGuru is unique in India’s online market industry. This is due to the fact that DealGuru is not the actual seller of any good. It’s there to advertise the good. If you’re a seller and want a good deal, share your product with DealGuru. After every deduction from DealGuru’s share, you’ll receive your selling price. DealGuru does all the shipping jobs, cash-on delivery process. So, you really are free from these hassles. The most amazing thing is that you can easily show your product on a huge organic-traffic driven platform.

Customer Benefits

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You’ll receive all kinds of assurance from DealGuru. Since, they deal with the sellers, if you find any product defective, then DealGuru bears all the expenses to change your product and bring your ordered one. After every delivery, a call is made from DealGuru’s part to assure whether you’ve got the actual good or not.


Seeing a great advertisement with KanganaRanaut, DealGuru is the most happening online platform for online shopping that’s widely beneficial for both buyers and sellers as well. AskMeBazaar is always there if you need any help.