In 1988, the World Health Organization(WHO) has declared May 31 World No Tobacco Day . The task that was set before the world community for nearly 25 years ago – to make sure that in the XXI century, the problem of smoking disappeared completely and forever. XXI century arrived, but the problem persists. The fight continues with nicotine. And come to the aid of modern technology, namely an application for Android, which will help to Quite Smoking habit .


[box_light]Quit Smoking[/box_light]

Quite Smoking is a widget application designed to gradually wean you from dependency on cigarettes. Each individual’s step-down program is calculated based on statistical data from other users, and it’s continuously adjusted to your specific smoking pattern.

Install guide
1. Touch and hold an empty area of the home screen
2. Select “Widget”
3. Select “Quit (standard)”

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Another application that will help in dealing with such a bad habit. In addition to statistics, financial savings, smoked (and less each day) of cigarettes, the application contains a database of practical advice, which at a difficult time motivating you do not give up!

This app will HELP you!

* Numerous tips for your motivation
* Database to record each smoked cigarette
* Statistics that show your tobacco usage and your SAVED money
* Set your personal quit date

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[box_light]Time to quit smoking[/box_light]

This application was created for people who want to quit smoking. With the application you can find out how much time has passed since you last smoked cigarettes, how much you smoked cigarettes and how much money saved. You can also customize the widget to the desktop for more convenient display your achievement.
This application is not 100% guarantee that you stop smoking, the final result depends only on you!

[box_download]Google Play Time to quit smoking download link[/box_download]


[box_light]QuitNow! Pro[/box_light]

Let your Android help you quit smoking!
* The “Quite Pro” version, before you by this app, please try the FREE version first.
Are you quitting smoking? Want to quit? Let this application help you!
– Days without smoking
– Cigarettes not smoked
– Money saved
– Time saved
– 9 Aspects of your health that you will see gradually improved
– Tips for quitting
– Facts about snuff
– 30 Achievements to unlock and share with your friends!
– Widget to see your progress
– Gallery
– Share your progress
– Facebook and Twitter integration
Available in English, Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Greek and Polish.

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[box_light]Easy Stop Smoking[/box_light]

If you’ve ever struggled with stopping smoking Easy Stop Smoking app is the answer, providing incredible support whenever you need it. Easy Stop Smoking has received rave reviews worldwide and features four powerful hypnosis sessions:

1) Relax Completely
2) Release Limiting Beliefs & Decisions
3) Easy Stop Smoking
4) Be Successful & Achieve Your Goals

The Easy Stop Smoking also includes videos about hypnosis to help you feel confident and comfortable with the process and the practitioner, preparation audio and lots of tips to make it as simple as possible for you to stop smoking easily and effortlessly.

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