Developer of Cyanide studio and publisher Focus Home Interactive Edition Launched This year’s Pro Cycling Manager 2012.

The Pro Cycling Manager 2012 version of the game features a series of updates and changes that will please old fans, but it’s pretty clear that the main objective of the evolution of the game is to attract the fans of cycling and sports that could pick up this simulation for the first time. The game concept is simple: take control of a Pro Tour team, the level Pro Continental or Continental (added for the first time this year) and then control both the elements of general manager, managing the training, funding and pre-race setup, as directeur sportif, the person leading cyclists once they are on the road.

Pro Cycling Manager 2012 introduces a new interface, with which I am still familiar, and makes it easier to see the race situation at a glance, which can be useful for rough stages. also seems easier than ever to create a solid sprint train, and although I lost the race in the video attached more realistic when it comes to the point when cyclists are on the bottom line.

As for the graphics, there are some improvements to the appearance of faces and equipment and, of course, everything is updated to include current models ( although the community has yet to make an effort to better portray many of the elements used). Please note that the multiplayer part of Pro Cycling Manager 2012 is completely changed and now involves something called Armada, a twist on the popular formula of Ultimate Team, which unfortunately means no way to bring custom teams online.