Our Morning begins with children eat breakfast at the table, the father sits at the head table and reading a newspaper. Unfortunately paper media are rapidly receding into the past, this is evidenced by a decreasing number of print publications and rapid growth of electronic media. Now a days Smartphones and the tablets are very good devices for reading magazines, newspapers.

I would like to introduce you with a wonderful handy news reader app PressReader – The program allows you to read your favorite newspaper in electronic form, print directly from the tablet or Smartphone, set up automatic subscriptions, share articles, and more. The PressReader app allows reading over 2,300+ different newspapers and magazines for 95 languages. PressReader is currently available on Android, iOS, Windows Phone and BlackBerry.


Let’s see how PressReader works:

After installing run the application, you get to the menu selection of periodicals. You will see newspapers and magazines, with a choice of country in which they (newspapers and magazines) are available. Navigation to the newspapers is very comfortable. You can zoom in or zoom out the content by “pinch zoom” function.

Key Features:

  • Auto-delivery of your favorite publications
  • Attention-grabbing SmartFlow stream (iOS & Android)
  • Printing full pages or articles
  • Sharing stories by email or on Facebook or Twitter
  • Saving articles to Evernote or Instapaper
  • Listening to articles using on-demand audio
  • Copying & pasting entire articles into note taking applications
  • Sharing your opinion by supporting or opposing a story
  • Adjusting font size and type
  • Automatically aligning with the beginning of an article using the option SmartZoom feature
  • Cross title search
  • Authorization of PressReader with a PressDisplay.com subscription

Conclusion: PressReader is great app for fans of classic newspapers, rich selection of magazines, easy navigation. PressReader is really a worthy application for those who like to read newspapers and magazines on the move.

To know more about subscription and support, please visit PressReader official blog or http://www.pressreader.com/


PreeReader Screenshots: