If suddenly the world’s power failure occurs and you will remain without electricity, there is no need to panic. We know that at the present time it is very difficult to do without electricity. Most of the devices around us uses energy. However, there are situations in which no mobile phones gets discharged. When the battery is fully exhausted, comes to the aid PowerPot .

PowerPot – Universal portable generator of electricity. In contrast to the charges that generate electricity only in the sun, PowerPot used for this purpose by the heat. The device is equipped with a thermoelectric generator that converts heat into any 5-15 watts of electricity. Performance will vary depending on the model: V, X and XV. Charge mobile devices by using a cable with interface USB 2.0. It’s simple: fire up the fire, and charging your gadget.

At present there are only PowerPot as a prototype. If it is decided to run PowerPot into production, then the device goes on sale at prices ranging from 125 to 500 dollars.