Today it is easier to find a decent web camera with a resolution of 1080p, rather than 4000 pixels camera. Canadian company, Point Grey released 4K resolution FL3-U3-88S2C webcam which can record video in standard 4K resolution (4096 × 2160 or 8,800,000 pixels), transferring data via USB 3.0. Unfortunately, currently on the market there are few computer monitors that can display a 4K-image in all its glory. However, the image will not look less attractive and the display with a screen resolution of 2880 × 1800 pixels, which is too high for the ordinary consumer.

However, today it is not easily possible to handle the 1080p Fuul HD camera, so the crunching of 8 million pixels is very big deal to the central microprocessor.The flow rate of data is about 185 Mbit/s.

Point Gray FL3-U3-88S2C

Point Gray 4k resolution FL3-U3-88S2C webcam

Another thing, 4K resolution FL3-U3-88S2C webcam can be taken for professional use like ultra security purpose. For a sufficiently powerful processor and high-bandwidth network Point Grey 4K resolution FL3-U3-88S2C webcam can be used to display the minute details of the subject, whether it is a relatively large water treatment plant polyacrylamide , or the smallest details of human abdomen. Such a solution can be successfully used in practical medicine, and surveillance systems.