There’s a new service on the block that’s called Playster. It promises unlimited books, audiobooks, movies, games, and music for the price of $24.95 USD. There’s no restrictions on its content, unlike other streaming services, so it can be tempting for many.


It’s a pretty decent deal, if you’re a fan of books alone, the service seems to be worth it. Think about it, a service like Scribd, where they allow for three ebooks and one audiobook a month, is $8.99 a month. Playster is offering unlimited ebooks and audiobooks of some of the best titles, for $9.95, if you choose to sign up just for that catalog.

I signed up for the free trial of Playster and found it pretty cool, however it still needs some serious revamp. I’ve heard though that there’s some major changes to be made to the service soon, so I’ll probably be staying on board for a few more months. Here’s my review on each piece of Playster.

Books and Audiobooks

Playster categorizes books and audiobooks under the same catalog, which will make book lovers happy. Subscribers are able to listen to audiobooks and read books, as I mentioned before, for a flat fee of $9.95 USD. It’s selection is very good, with audiobooks being the prime reason you should get the service. In the book section, Playster is missing 3 major publishers, but still has a pretty good selection. However, it looks like it’s serving up what Scribd has, because it looks like Scribd is missing the same publishers that Playster is.

When it comes to audiobooks, Playster says it has all 5 major publishers, so you’ll be sure to find books you like. Right now, audiobooks are not available on the app, so it’s kind of annoying to listen to them only when on your computer. But looking around, you’ll see that Playster has been responding to comments about the app and said that the next update will feature audiobooks. Bonus, the audiobooks will be available for offline listening, which will make travelling simple and not costly on your phone bill.


The games on this service, are not that bad if you’re a light gamer. Don’t expect to find Grand Theft Auto on here, but it does hold some hidden gems. If you grew up in the 90s, you’ll remember Duke Nukem and Realms of Chaos. It also has some classic arcade games like Pac-Man and some viral games like Flappy Bird. For $4.95 if you want solely the game subscription, it’s not a bad deal. It’s a great way to pass time when waiting in line for something.


At the moment, movies and music is probably Playster’s weakest catalogs. However, they’ve hinted at updating this soon. If Playster just updated their music to make it close to what Spotify is, I think loads of people may seriously just drop Spotify as a service and stick to Playster, just for the fact that is has everything all in one. In the meantime, they have lots of old classics, and a few current bands, that can keep you satisfied enough.


I don’t think Playster will become the next Netflix by a long shot, but I don’t think that really matters at this point. Netflix is a powerhouse that won’t drop from its number one spot as streaming service king anytime soon. However, I do think people will get both a Netflix and Playster account just for the fact that they can get everything they want out of those two services.

Have you tried Playster? Let us know what you think!