Pinterest is the new darling of the social web and there are also good reasons.Pinterest for example, provides orderly traffic to your website. But that’s because content is actually pinned? With a little trick you can find it out quickly and easily.

Pinterest tracking: What are the popular images / products?


For content providers and online shops including Pinterest is quickly becoming a source of traffic and sales.In February Pinterest provided more traffic than Twitter according to a study already generated.

Using the URL can be pinned, for example, display all images of the domain have been sent out. This is of course with any other source, then just the domain takes the place of xyz.

In addition, Mashable is described How to Track Your Website’s Content on Pinterest. The content should therefore be geliked own occasional comments and would increase the visibility, ranking and reach further. The main contents could be highlighted with a Repin, which is also true for very good comments. For Pinterest apply the precepts of the social networks, so you no longer have to actually mention that you should connect to the Pinnern their own content and products.


Pinterest tracking via RSS Feed


As simple as it may be with the above URL, a simple setup Pinterest tracking as fast as it can in everyday life are also annoying and confusing when you visit again and check the URL must. In Pinterest tracking tutorial from Mashable therefore a useful method is described with which one can get an RSS feed for tinkering Pinterest source URL of your domain.

So you can then re-pinned the contents of your domain can deliver via RSS and integrate it by example plugin in the sidebar of WordPress or create a bookmarklet to view the last pins.