People have been talking about the world of paperless business ever since the practice of using email became mainstream. Documents could be sent and stored without having to use any paper, and what a wonderful cost saving that would be. Even with such good intentions, it’s actually taken a couple of decades to see a truly paperless revolution. It’s not just about office documents anymore either, advertising is following this trend as well.


Things like the animated flipbook (learn more at the has been one of those tools that made all the difference in ditching paper while still promoting your business.

Brochures and Catalogs

The key area where flipbooks can help with your advertising is in the presentation of sales documents like brochures or catalogs. Whether you need 2 pages or more than 50, you can use a digital document exactly like you would these traditional paper ones, except better.

Flipbooks allow for a mix of multi-media, letting you really show off your services or products with flair. Videos are a key tool to grabbing a reader’s attention, and they work very well as a component in any digital marketing tool.

E-books and Magazines

This is another option for creative advertising, to develop a value-added document for your readers that are not directly a sales-related presentation. Flipbook tools are easy enough to use that anyone can build books and magazines, meaning you can create valuable products to give-away as promotions or even to sell as products on their own.

For example, if you sell coffee-makers, you can create a lovely graphic catalog of your products but why not also put together a monthly magazine that illustrates what’s new in the coffee world? It really is a separate approach, and can let you reach people on different levels. Who knows, your little publication may develop into a business all on its own.

Find a New Audience

An unexpected benefit of using flipbooks is that you will be bringing your brand to a whole new audience because the services that let you create flipbooks also have a showcase of all the flipbooks their customers have produced. People interested in new, interesting graphic documents often browse around to see what’s new, and you can reach people in a whole new way.

Utilize Social Media

Paper advertising can’t harness the power of social media, but digital campaigns do it wonderfully. Share your brochure, catalog or magazine with just a short pasted line of code, and you can let anyone read your content in a Facebook post or blog entry anywhere. You can also build an email list, and utilize a flipbook as part of a regular newsletter-style mailing.

So if you are looking for a fresh and creative way to jump-start your promotional advertising plans, try using flipbooks. Not only are you going to bring some unique interest to your brand and campaign, you might even save some money since you won’t have to deal with printing costs or postage to send out old-fashioned catalogs or brochures. It’s a win-win.