The Institute for Print and Media Technology at Chemnitz University of Technology developed printable speakers or paper which can speak. Last year, researchers at the Technical University Chemnitz able to place solar cells on printed paper, this year they developed full-featured  paper speaker.

printable speakers

In the past two years German researchers from Technical University Chemnitz was working on printable speakers, a first prototype has now been introduced at the Drupa trade show. The thin consist speakers, as reported by Forbes , consisting of several layers of a conductive organic polymer and a so-called piezo-active layer.

With a volume of up to 80 decibel sound paper is quite loud enough, Paper sound volume is roughly equivalent to a passing car.

The sound quality of paper is very good, according to the developers Dr. Georg Schmidt, senior researcher at pmTUC,

“Frequency response and sound quality are very good and the paper is surprisingly loud,”.  “Just the bass of the paper-based loudspeaker is a bit weak.”

Because of cheaper production costs in manufacturing there are good chances that printable speakers get used in many ways in the future. Especially in the field of advertising.