Opera Software announced the release of a new version of the browser, Opera Mobile 12.1 for the tablet and Smartphones running Android .According to the developers, Opera Mobile 12.1 for Android works in the same stable, regardless of the chipset, which is the core of the device (v5, v7, ARM, x86 and MIPS).

Opera Mobile 12.1 Android Download

The new browser Opera Mobile 12.1 now has a fraud protection support, providing enhanced support for web-standards, as well as increased compatibility with mobile versions of sites.

For example, the Opera Mobile 12.1 has support for new features CSS, including CSS Animation and Flexbox. Through the use of WebSockets technology improved communication between mobile and web-server applications. In addition, new features HTML5: Drag & Drop (drag) + Clipboard API, there is support for the protocol SPDY.

Opera Mobile 12.1 Key Features:

Improved Standards Support:

    • Added support for CSS Flexible Box Layout Module (aka Flexbox)
    • Added support for CSS Animations
    • Updated implementation for CSS Transitions
    • Updated WebSocket implementation (RFC6455)
    • Updated Media Queries implementation
    • Added partial support for HTML5 Drag and Drop
    • Added support for HTML5 Clipboard API and events
    • Added support for contentEditable/designMode
    • Added support for SPDY protocol
    • Added support for Page Visibility API

Improved compatibility:

    • Support a selection of webkit prefixed and unprefixed CSS properties


    • Fraud protection
    • With added ‘Fraud Protection’ Opera Mobile will warn users about suspicious webpages by checking the page requested against a database of pages known to be of a fraudulent nature.

Added Architecture Support:

    • MIPS
    • X86

Other improvements:

  • Support CPU Filtering in Google Play store
  • Reduces Binary Size
  • Improved handling of meta-tag “format detection”
  • Improved keyboard handling on HC and ICS devices
  • Improved flash handling of ICS devices
  • Improved Jelly Bean compatibility
  • Overall stability and performance improvements


Opera Mobile 12.1 is free, can be downloaded from Google Play or from the official website of the developer.To know more about Opera Mobile 12.1 visit official site.