biometric ATM

Biometric ATM


The regional bank Ogaki Kyoritsu in central Japan to become the first financial institution in the country, which will use the ATMs with the identification by the fingerprint of the palm the technology is called as ‘Biometric’. In September of this year, Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank is going to use twelve biometric ATM-machines. In the future this number will be increased.

Cash dispensing system developed by Fujitsu, authenticates the bank card holder’s hands, PIN-code and date of birth. The Biometric ATM systems do not asks any cash card or passbook. As a result, this may get benefit to those who were left identity documents or ATM cards.

Ogaki Kyoritsu Bank is the world’s second largest bank, which introduces the use of biometric ATMs. The first this technology was used by Turkish state bank Ziraat Bank.