Finnish company Nokia has struggled to keep up with the rival companies on the market with advanced and innovative Smartphones, but this time Nokia does not forget about the cheap state employees that are in high demand in developing countries. This time, Nokia has released a firmware update to several of its low-end phones including Asha 300,X2-02/03 and C2-02/C2-03.

Nokia Firmware update

These devices who got Firmware updates are:

  • Nokia C2-02/C2-03 firmware v.07.63
  • Nokia X3-02 firmware v.07.51
  • Nokia X2-02 firmware v.11.9
  • Nokia Asha 300 firmware v.07.57


If you own these devices, check your phone for firmware update.

Here are the some changes to the above list of devices:

Nokia C2-02 firmware version 7.63:

  • Prevent high volume
  • Improved brightness
  • The possibility of refusing subscriptions advice and help
  • Correction time zones in Russia and Argentina
  • Fixes the camera
  • Improving performance and ease of use


Nokia X3-02 firmware version 7.51: Updated some applications and improved device performance.

Nokia C3-01 firmware version 7.51: some applications are also updated and improved overall performance and usability of the device.


Nokia Asha 300 firmware version 7.57:

  • Warning high volume
  • Improved alerts
  • Eliminating memory leaks
  • Improving performance and ease of use


Do not forget to update your device.