Nokia has filed a new a patent application in U.S. Patent Office on a special flexible technology transforming mobile phones.

As analysts, the device resembles presented by Nokia in 2008 the concept of Morph, which is also supposed to apply to the development of nanotechnology and transparent electronics. However, over the years this concept has changed significantly to include a number of new inventions. Some components of the technology for such devices have already been patented by the Finnish giant, reports Engadget.

“The device is placed in the transformable body, which is able to elastically stretch the limits of at least two specified configurations. It also includes a device for user input, communication interface, capable of providing wireless connectivity, and flexible link between at least two components of the device transformed “- said in a patent application, the Finnish mobile phone manufacturer.

The new mobile device, described by experts of Nokia in patent application to be able to bend at different angles, stretch and change shape in other ways, taking different shapes.

It is assumed that the phone can easily change the shape of the leaf-shaped candy bar in the bracelet, which can be worn on the wrist. Also, the patent refers to a kind of “remote remote processing,” which will be available as a standalone device or in the cloud.

In general, experts say, even if the company Nokia will be able to obtain a patent for this technology, the probability to see such a phone is available in the coming years is small. Often these inventions and remain at the level of concepts, without getting into mass production for many reasons.