I did a mad try, selected all the languages shown on the home screen of NewsHunt (has ebooks in 10 languges and 1 coming soon). Did a scroll, scroll, scroll down, WoW! Stunning to see the book collections!

I know I cannot count the number of books on NewsHunt. But let’s take a look at the top authors they have, Amish Tripathi, Surendra Mohan Pathak, Chetan Bhagat, Kannadhasan (Tamil), Dr. Jitendra Adhia (Gujarati) etc. Download it to believe it!

Not sufficing a reason to download the app, look at the discounts offered – Re.1 for the first time buyers on the book of your choice. And tons of discounts throughout the app, even on the ‘Just Arrived’ books.

Variety of ebooks categorized on Fiction, Non-Fiction, Detective Stories, Short Stories, Children’s Stories, Humor, Romance, Thrillers, Spirituality and Religion books, Academic Books, Self-Help Books and much more.

Buying too is made very easy. If you are an Airtel, Aircel, Idea or a Vodafone customer then select Mobile as the payment mode and enter your mobile number to complete the payment using the secured OTP system. Hope there will be more mobile operators supported in sometime. Otherwise, payment through Credit Card, Debit Card, Net Banking are also there. Paypal is given as an option for International buyers.

Their FAQ says we can download the book on up to 5 devices. An average example of an Indian family in a Tier I or a Tier II city has 4-5 mobiles and or tablets at home. So it is very much needed as a feature. And the app works on all our devices we have tested at home and office seamlessly.


It’s wonderful right! Let us know more about the app.

–          Search for the book. It is really difficult to find the equivalent book in different languages, as a person understanding technology. But this is solved to an extent. I got to the book I need in a few tries.

–          Library is split as All Purchased and On Device. So as to know what are the books purchased ever, and the ones downloaded and available to read on the device respectively.

–          Delete the book from On Device once read, we need to save space right!

–          Bookmark the page you wanted to know where you stopped or to refer it later. Give it a comment if you need.

–          Download ebooks, some have a free sample, but not all.

–          Tap on the center while reading on a page to see the options like background, font settings etc.

–          Tap on the left and right of the page to move to the left and right pages respectively.

Overall, it’s a cool experience using the app. Supported on all Android devices, iPhones and Windows phones. Expecting it on iPads soon!