We talk about Nokia 41 MP window phone, Nokia lumia 1020, this device has contain a Elvis on AT and EOS in general, this is the biggest surprise in Nokia’s world. it has pure photography in it. this time there is a power of window in this phone, with the new render. These are branded Nokia Lumia 1020 in yellow, white and black plus with the camera of 41MP.


New render of 41MP Nokia Lumia 1020 in yellow, white and black plus more details revealed





This phone has various options like it has a option of optical image and it is built in, it has a capacity to capture the picture about 32 MP and 5MP. There is 7 pixels in this phone which is super pixel. This nokia lumia is 1020, but the previous name of this phone was Nokia 909. There is 2GB of ram, 1 GB extra for window purpose in this phone. There is 32 GB of internal storage, no SD card in it. Film radio, flip to silence is available options in this phone.



The addition in this set apart from the previous design like Nokia 909, this phone has a low ability in light and had blur quality of pictures. it is combined with a large camera sensor, it can be easily become a competitor in the mobile world. The best quality of this phone is extra Ram, it makes phone more special. Many options are included in this phone like ISO, white balance in camera, manual focus, shutter speed and flash. It is going to hit days by days with Microsoft window power. There is a large shipment installed for this phone.



It has a large sensor with a large diameter. The 1.2″ sensor is for Nokia lumia 1020. It means that it can capture with open wider. It has a pixel binning technology also. It has a power of Micro SD. It is available internationally for many people in foreign countries. It is the best phone and best design and system in history introduced by Nokia.