NFC ORB battery

NEC told the world that is working on a new type of rechargeable batteries, which are much thinner than their predecessors. The company said that the new ORB batteryOrganic Radical Battery ) can be printed on the 0.01-inch plate (0.3 mm). The battery can be integrated into credit cards and flexible displays.NFC may launchORB-battery in 2013.

The area of ​​ORB-battery, equal to 1.18 square inches (3 cm square), is able to provide a charge of 3 mAh, which is enough for the 2000 update of a small screen. In charge capacity ORB is equal to the lithium-ion battery. Moreover, the ORB is not uses the toxic heavy metals, without which, unfortunately, does not manage the production of conventional batteries.NEC engineers have used the harmless salt in a polymer gel. Work on this project was conducted about five years.

The most likely candidate for ORB technology in smartphones is the Korean company Samsung, which not so long ago showed the world a prototype mobile phone with a flexible display.