Sean Parker and Shawn Fanning the founder of popular music sharing site Napster, yesterday launches the first live video chat network site called Airtime.

video chat

Airtime is video chat network connected via social networking site facebook, With Airtime facebook users can video chat with their facebook friends and friends they wanted to know. Users do not required to download any software or add-on/plugin to use Airtime, only compatible browser like Chrome, IE latest, Firefox is enough to make Airtime work.

On official blog of Airtime,

Airtime is the most efficient, easy to use, browser-based video chat service between friends using their existing Facebook networks. The service allows you to share live experiences through content, and expand beyond your social graph to discover new people through similar interests in an environment that is collaborative, fun and safe.

The unique thing about Airtime is not only users can video chat with their connected facebook friends but can also find anonymous friend to chat and connect. Airtime is now live at no download required. All you need is a computer with fast internet connection (1.5Mbps), webcam and Facebook account.

It should be noted that Airtime is equipped with  face-detection technology called OpenCV, if you try to hide your face and chat with anonymous users without replying to them, you will get banned by Airtime permanently and only allowed to call your facebook friends.